Everything but the Kitchen Sink

When packing our bags for the day, there are always a few key items that we remember to bring. Helmet, water bottle, sunscreen……

However, some riders on the 2011 Katy Trail Ride bring along an array of accessories they believe no rider should ever leave camp without.  Here is the top ten list of items we just can’t go biking without.

10. “2 socks to act as water bottle insulators” –Larry and Hannah from Columbia, Mo

9. “Bungy cords are a great way to pack more stuff onto our bikes” –Retta from St. Charles, Mo

8. “My Odwalla and Cliff power bars to make it to the end of the day” –Ron from Missouri

7. “I always make sure to keep my insurance card on me. You never know when you might need it” –Sharon from Kansas City, Mo

6. “The bike stereo my brother made me full of 50’s and 60’s hits” –Keith from Fort Madison, Iowa

5. “My luggage” –Dave from Warrenton, Mo

4. “Carry a roll of duct tape in case you split your pants” –Ken from Washington, Mo

3. “I always have my favorite international coffee in the morning” –Sandy from Virginia

2. “I like to have energy beans which are like jelly beans but give you a pick-me-up” –Cindy from Virginia

1. “My wife!” –Kerry from Cape Girardeau. Mo

If you have something you can’t live without or think other riders should know about comments below and let us all know what you keep in your pack.


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