Top 10 Things Folks are Looking Forward To

While people come from all across the country to take part in the Katy Trail ride, everyone has a different reason. From the simple to the extravagant, we can compiled a list of the things riders are looking forward to experiencing at the 2011 Katy Trail Ride.


10. “Meeting old friends”  –Margie from Blue Springs, MO

And no, not just old friends, but ones we have known a long time.

9. “Going through the tunnel”  –Renee and Nick from Houston, TX

This is the one time you want to go towards the light.

8. “Bar-b-que and the Medicine man” –Jenny from Columbia, MO

Hopefully not in that order.

7. “The long 68 mile day” — Chuck from St. Charles, MO

Looking forward to the challenge and looking forward to getting it over with.

6. “Spending time with my two teenage sons” — Charles from Collinsville, IL

But not looking forward to waking them up at the crack of dawn.

5. “Pancake Man” –James from Forsyth, MO

Honestly, who doesn’t look forward to the pancake man.

4. “Being on vacation” –Ted and Robin from Minnesota

No better place to vacation than a Missouri State Park.

3. “Meeting new people” –Ron and Marsha from Rochester, NY

With people from more than 30 states you are bound to run across some new faces.

2. “A safe and dry ride” –Steve and Sandy from Virginia

Hopefully the river will stay down long enough to make the dry part happen.

1. “New snacks at the SAG stops” –Margie from Blue Springs, MO

It doesn’t take much to make us happy!


2 thoughts on “Top 10 Things Folks are Looking Forward To

  1. Hope your Mom is doing OK and that she understands that you
    just completed a most memorable bike ride across Missouri !
    Sure did enjoy meeting you and your relations. Keep up the
    sense of humor !
    Terry from Kansas City

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