Snacking, Sampling and Cycling: The Food Guide to the Katy Trail

One of the most important keys in having a safe and healthy Katy Trail ride is to stay hydrated and fed. This year, the food on the ride has received particular notice leaving us to ponder “What have been your favorite foods?”

“The lunch from our sponsor ‘Coach’s’ was a great mid-day meal.” –David from Corpus Christi. Texas.

“We are really looking forward to dining at Glenn’s Cafe while we are in Boonville.” –Lyle and Nancy from Rolla, Mo.

“The Odwalla bars at the SAG stops are great. I really like the sweet and salty peanut flavor.” –Ray from Fort Worth, Texas.

“The pancake man was delicious as well as entertaining.” –Ed from Towerhill, Ill.

“We really like stopping and tasting all the different wines along the trail. It is a really nice treat.” –Mary from Kansas City, Mo.

“There is a spot on the trail where an Amish family comes and sells cookies. They are absolutely delicious.” –Pam from Topeka, Kan.

“I have to carry a water bottle of iced coffee with me when I’m riding on the trails.” –Chris from Chicago.



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