Daily Review: June 22

On the first long journey of the week, riders on the 2011 Katy Trail traveled almost 50 miles in one day. Making their way from Boonville to the state capital of Jefferson City, riders had plenty of scenic and eclectic stops along the way. The town of Rocheport, Mo was home to the first business built around the trail and held close proximity to the state’s largest oak tree and Eagle Bluffs overlook.

This particular group of riders were also the first to cross the new bike lane spanning the Missouri River. Campers were able to meet Mrs. Jones whose family was responsible for purchasing the Katy Trail and making it available for bike enthusiasts everywhere.


Daily Review: June 21

The journey from Sedalia to Boonville, MO saw some of the best weather the ride has ever seen.

This being said, riders were able to enjoy the trail without the pressure of rising temperatures and get to know one another at the SAG stops.

In our video recap of day two, you will find morning routines, the pancake man, and even some video shot from a bike right on the trail!

Do You Know The Pancake Man?

The pancake man? The pancake man.

Do you know the pancake man? Who cooks on the Katy Trail?

Well, if you don’t then you are missing out on one highly entertaining and energizing breakfast. The Pancake Man breakfast has become a signature part of the Katy Trail Ride over the past few years and is a highlight for many riders.

The Pancake Man currently holds the world record the the fastest pancake flipper and his special grill can make 96 pancakes every two minutes. That’s 2,500 pancakes every hour. Now that is what we call hotcakes.

Horsing Around on the Katy Trail

Participants in the 2011 Katy Trail Ride were treated to an extra special event for Tuesday night’s entertainment. Warm Springs Ranch hosted a private tour for the riders and showed off their pride and joy- the Budweiser Clydesdale herd. The ranch is home to one of the only purebred clydesdale herd in the nation and boasts more than 250 individual horses. Riders were able to tour the facilities, learn about how a horse ranch is run and interact with some of the world famous horses. Be sure to watch the video slideshow of the images at Warm Springs Ranch.

Sedalia Evening Entertainment: The Medicine Man

After a beautiful first day of riding, participants were treated to a good ol’ fashioned medicine show.

Professor Farquar included music, comedy, and magic in his routine to entertain the riders as they relaxed and regenerated for the next day’s ride. ┬áThe Professor said he just loved performing for the Katy Trail riders and wants to come back as many times as he can!

Take Me Out to the Ballgame

After biking more than 30 miles, Katy Trail riders were able to sit back and relax while watching one of America’s favorite pastimes. The Sedalia Bombers played the independent league baseball team from Ozark, Mo. on Monday night and riders were offered a buy one get one free deal on tickets. The baseball game was one of many entertainment options offered on Monday and the Bombers aimed to please the crowd. Check out a brief highlight reel from the game below.