Rider of the Day: Day Four

Today our Rider of the Day goes to John of Wilminton, NC.

John is only 9 years old and is riding the Katy Trail for the first time.  That alone could be enough to make him a special rider worth mentioning but John has an even better story, which brought him to the top of our list.

Over lunch, John was asked to take a picture with one of the oldest participants of the ride.  Being the clever kid he is, John quickly replied by saying, “I’ll do it for $5.”  Sure enough, the woman handed over the money and John eventually accepted her offer.

Now, most 9 year olds would probably want to buy some candy, a toy, or maybe a video game with their money, but not John.  He had another cause in mind for his newfound riches.  Watch John’s interview to see what he did with his cash!


Rider of the Day: Day Three

Be Prepared. 

This saying has been uttered by countless young men as they participate in The Boy Scouts of America. Outside of the millions of hours these men spend engaged in volunteer activities, community service and leadership opportunities, the young men of Troop 274 Boy Scouts Venture Crew from Memphis, Tenn. have spent the past few days of their summer on the 2011 Katy Trail Ride. They came prepared to enjoy the Missouri scenery, learn about the great outdoors and build up their teamwork skills. All of this has made them our featured riders of the day. So as you watch the following video be prepared to meet some amazing individuals and leaders of tomorrow.

Rider of the Day: Day Two

There are dozens of people behind the scenes of the 2011 Katy Trail Ride working their hardest to make the event a success. One of those is our very own bike mechanic, Melissa Speaker, on the trail and at rest stops. Furthermore, Melissa got married Tuesday night while we were stopped in Boonville and returned to the trails Wednesday morning. While this may be a busy week for her between a wedding and 300 riders, she managed to find time to answer some questions about bike maintenance and repair.

Thank you Melissa for being a part of our trip this year and good luck!

Rider of the Day: Day One

And the award goes to…… (drum roll please)….

8 (or maybe 10) year rider Don Emerson of Centerville, MO!

Don grew up before the Katy Trail existed as we know today, and remembers riding his bike by the railroad tracks with his friends.  Now, after many years of riding and encouraging others from all around the nation to join, Don is 79 and appreciates the sport because it is something everyone can enjoy.

Let’s meet Don and take a look at some of the highlights from the day!